Natural Cycle IVF Treatment

One of the more recent “come backs” in treatment for infertility is Natural Cycle  IVF. This method does away with the injections of ovary-stimulating hormones used in standard IVF and instead relies solely on the natural development of the egg.

Natural Cycle IVF is suitable for woman who wish to limit the amount of medication they take during a fertility treatment, older women who do not produce many egg follicles during a previous traditional cycle of ovarian stimulation when high doses of medication would not yield any more eggs, women at high risk of OHSS (including PCOS sufferers).

We will need to monitor your cycle using ultrasounds and blood tests to find out when you are likely to ovulate.

We may also need to use an antagonist to prevent premature ovulation to ensure that we don’t have to cancel the retrieval procedure.

An egg collection is performed and the egg is then fertilised with your partner’s sperm in a  laboratory the same way as in a traditional IVF treatment.

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