Femilift Laser

Hormones, childbirth, and aging can cause changes in your vaginal area. These changes can lead to problems with vaginal health and comfort as well as a less enjoyable intimate experience. Femilift laser  can rejuvenate the vaginal area to improve symptoms and restore healthy functioning.

This loss of elasticity and overall tightness can cause many women to suffer from conditions such as vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, or vaginal laxity. These concerns can affect confidence, overall quality of life, and make it hard to engage in every day activates. Vaginal tightening with FemiLift is a fast, effective cosmetic procedure that restores the vagina to its once youthful state.

How does Femilift work?

Femilift laser  is a  fractionated laser. A handheld device applies the laser energy, triggering the vaginal tissues to produce more collagen and elastin. Collagen gives tissues strength, flexibility, and resilience. It begins to decrease as we age and can also be lost due to hormonal changes. As the cells produce more collagen, the vaginal tissue becomes tighter, more lubricated, and healthier. In addition, the strengthened support muscles will also improve bladder control, helping to prevent leaks and sudden urges.

How many Femilift treatments are recommended for optimal results?

Each patient experiences a different level of vaginal laxity, but three treatments spaced about four weeks apart is recommended for optimal results. Additionally, one maintenance treatment every year thereafter is recommended.

Who can benefit form the medical benefits of the Femilift?

  • Women experiencing urinary incontinence.
  • Women experiencing dyspareunia (painful sex).
  • Women experiencing atrophic vaginitis (vaginal atrophy).
  • Postpartum women experiencing vaginal laxity after childbirth.
  • Any woman looking for enhanced sexual sensation, for both herself and her partner.

When should the patient begin to see results of the vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

Most patients can sense a healthier, tighter vaginal wall immediately. However, the natural repair process will continue to progress during the weeks following the FemiLift treatment. Collagen remodeling takes time and will continue to progress months after treatment. It’s after the third treatment that patients should get their maximum benefit.

When can patients resume normal activity after the Femilift procedure?

Patients can resume normal activity immediately after the FemiLift treatment, with a couple exceptions. Patients should not have vaginal intercourse or use a tampon within three days after treatment or longer if instructed by the doctor.

What is urinary incontinence in women and how can the Femilift help? 

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control, which results in inadvertent urination during low-level stress placed on the bladder, such as laughing, coughing and exercising. It is common in women who have delivered children vaginally. This leaking occurs when the pelvic floor weakens, which causes the urethra to sag. Exercises to restore the pelvic floor, such as Kegels, often are not enough to rejuvenate the pelvic floor. This is where the FemiLift laser can help. The fractiona laser energy restores the pelvic floor and counteracts the sagging urethra, which in turn fights incontinence.


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