Egg Freezing

Fast-paced lifestyles, career goals, or finding the right partner are common reasons to delay parenthood. However, when a woman decides to start a family, there is no guarantee that she will be able to conceive. Egg Freezing can help ease those stresses.

Today  women are choosing to have children at an older age. Sometimes this can result in difficulty getting pregnant. As ovarian reserve declines with a woman’s age, the chance of fertility issues increases. Freezing at a younger age allows women to conceive later and also have the pregnancy health benefits of using a younger egg such as decreased miscarriage and Down Syndrome rates.

A woman’s most fertile years are her 20s and early 30s when the ovaries still contain a large number of healthy eggs. Even though you’ll continue to have regular monthly periods for the 10 to 15 years before menopause, ovarian function and egg quality declines – especially in your 40s.

Egg freezing involves all the steps of an IVF cycle up to and including egg collection/revival , then the eggs are frozen by a method called vitrification.

When you are ready to start a family a number of your eggs will be thawed and will be fertilised with either your partner’s or donor sperm using the agreed fertility treatment e.g IVF or ICSI.

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