Ovarian Rejuvenation Through Platelet-Rich Autologous Plasma (PRP)

Autologous Plasma (PRP)

Today, the age of having children is increasing upwards due to socio-cultural reasons. As the age progresses, the number and quality decrease, so the chance of conception decreases and the risk of miscarriage increases. Even in this case, the chance of pregnancy decreases even with IVF treatments.

For this reason, new scientific attempts and experiments have been started to renew the ovarian tissue recently and it has been aimed to obtain better quality eggs and get successful results in advanced ages.

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) is a completely natural blood product containing platelet and high concentration growth factors obtained from the patient's own blood. These factors play an important role in the regeneration, healing and vascularization of the cells. Therefore, it is used for increasing the reduced ovarian reserve.

Candidates for Ovarian Rejuvenation

  • Poor ovarian reserve
  • Poor ovarian response
  • Repeated poor IVF outcomes
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) / Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)
  • Premenopausal/ Perimenopausal/ Menopausal

Is PRP safe?

PRP injection is practically risk free and safe since it is autologous, which uses patient’s own blood to inject into the ovaries. There are no harmful substances introduce into your body and it is a minimal invasive procedure. However, intraovarian administration requires light sedation, just like you would be sedated in an IVF cycle during egg collection. The side effects may include light pain after the procedure in some patients.

What are the Benefits of  PRP?

Potential benefits include:

  • Improve ovarian function
  • Increase successful pregnancy
  • Pregnancy with your own eggs

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