Labia Majora Augmentation by Hyaluronic Acid

Many women seek labia majora rejuvenation as they age. Due to the natural aging process as well as other factors, such as repeated childbirths, scarring from episiotomies and major weight loss, the labia majora can decrease in size and symmetry, leaving women feeling embarrassed of their femininity.

While treatments for the labia were once limited to invasive surgeries that left women with a lot of time for recovery as well as higher chances of surgical risks, today the same results can be achieved with a less invasive option that is quick, easy and convenient.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in everyone’s body. It naturally draws water towards it, allowing tissues to appear plump and supple. When used in the labia majora, studies have shown that the majority of women do experience positive results and significant rejuvenation of these tissues.

This simple treatment can improve sensitivity in the area and, in some circumstances, make daily activities, such as sitting and wearing tighter pants, much more comfortable. Of course, for many women, the main improvement is in the confidence gained.

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