Womens with Cancer

As much as we take care of our health, it is not always possible to prevent cancer. A possible diagnosis of cancer can be disastrous, especially for women who have not yet fulfilled their dream of becoming parents.

Breast cancer is the most common gynecological cancer, followed by endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer, with the last being the most common gynecological cancer in developing countries, where prevention is not universally accepted in the minds of the world.

The treatment of cancer can be either surgical or /  with radiation or /  with chemotherapy. Both radiotherapy and chemotherapy unfortunately do not act selectively on the cancer cells of the affected area. For example, if there is a tumor in the minor pelvis and radiotherapy is needed, unfortunately the radiation will not be limited to the cancer cells of the affected area but on the contrary will cause damage to all the cells of the irradiated area including the ovaries. Similarly, chemotherapeutic drugs do not act selectively and tend to destroy all those cells that divide rapidly, as is the case with cells of the ovarian tissue.

For this reason, we believe that cancer treatments should always be accompanied by the option of maintaining fertility , to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start or expand their family if and when they wish.

Currently, the most successful technique for maintaining the fertility of a woman is the cryopreservation of eggs. In this way, when a patient needs to undergo cancer treatment, cryopreservation allows her, provided that it is carried out before the start of treatment, to maintain her fertility and her future chances of seeking pregnancy.

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