Egg donation

We understand very well that for many women considering using donor eggs to conceive, it can be a daunting decision. Although the decision to use donor eggs never comes easily, women who have successfully conceived using donor eggs are every bit as fulfilled as any other mother.In vitro fertilisation  using donor eggs is a fertility treatment to support women who cannot conceive with their own eggs because of a premature menopause, or because the age.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is when a woman (donor) gives her eggs to another woman (recipient) to allow the recipient to have a baby. To donate eggs, the donor must be given medications that will cause her to develop multiple eggs over a single cycle. The eggs are then removed from the donor by placing a needle that is attached to an ultrasound probe through the vaginal tissues. The eggs are gently aspirated (suctioned) from the ovaries.

 Once the eggs are removed, they are evaluated by an embryologist. Then sperm from the male partner or a sperm bank is placed around or injected into each egg. This process is called in vitro fertilization (IVF).

There are many reasons why donor eggs may be advised. This type of treatment is most commonly used because of:

  • Age-related infertility
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Premature menopause
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Poor egg quality
  • Multiple failed IVF cycles
  • Infertility caused by medical treatment such as chemotherapy
  • A high risk of passing on a genetic or hereditary condition

 Egg donors are healthy women and they are volunteer donors. All egg donors are  selected  after detailed review of health history, physical examination, genetical examination  and mental examination.

The risks of egg donation are relatively low. The procedures and medications for egg donors are the same as they are for women using their own eggs in the IVF process!

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